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  • Addison Aloian

Read This If You’re Considering Watching Love Is Blind

Yes, it’s actually as comedically bad as you’ve heard.

One of the “hottest trending shows” on Netflix right now is Love Is Blind. I heard it was outrageously hilarious, and, as a lover of romantic reality television, I had to give it a go. To sum up all eleven episodes…it was…a wild ride, to say the least.

The concept is a social experiment of literal blind dating: men and women have conversations between walls for a few weeks. The goal is to make a romantic connection with someone without ever seeing them.

After making an established connection, there is an expected proposal, and then they can see each other. The couples go on a vacation to Mexico afterward for a week, move in together, meet each other’s’ parents, have bachelor and bachelorette parties, and eventually meet at the altar, where they officially say their “I dos” or “I don’ts.” Crazy, right?

Overall, in my ~expert~ opinion, I think it’s worth watching. But in terms of the show’s format, I thought there were too many episodes and a lot of it was drawn out when it could have been cut. However, the show was still well-executed for what it was.

Without further ado, let me recap. Keep reading if you want spoilers (you know you do)!

Lauren & Cameron

These guys had it, whatever “it” is, from the beginning. They were steadily in love the whole time and I was rooting for them. I thought it was interesting how prominent the potential issue of them being an inter-racial couple was, brought up by several of their family members, but I thought it was a totally necessary topic of discussion, as there’s still prejudice today against inter-racial couples. I thought their wedding was beautiful and it was a wonderful showcase of people coming together. I hope they stay together!

Carlton and Diamond

These guys were always weird to me—I kind of felt like they were just settling for each other and never had a real connection. Carlton could’ve just been getting shafted by the editing, but I thought he was a jerk. Their storyline mainly revolved around him being bisexual and being afraid to tell Diamond for fear of rejection. When he eventually told her in Mexico after he had already proposed, it resulted in a night spent apart and an explosive fight, ending in Diamond quoting lyrics from Beyoncé’s Lemonade (respect). By the reunion, though, it seemed the dust had settled and that they’d made up.

Barnett and Amber

What a couple. Amber scared the life out of me the whole time and Barnett seemed like a player—but they’re still together, and honestly, I love it for them. In the pods, Barnett struggled between picking three women—he was leading Amber, Jessica, and LC on—but eventually chose Amber. I was kind of hoping he would have some drama with Jessica later on, but it never really happened. The main struggles Barnett and Amber faced was if their connection was actually emotional or just lust. It was also a logistical matter of their lives together working out financially. But all in all, it worked out for them and they seem happy!

Mark and Jessica

Wowza—I was shocked they were together as long as they were. I initially liked them as a couple even though part of me wanted Jessica to be with Barnett. As the episodes went on, it was clear that Jessica was never really into Mark and basically said yes to a proposal just because Barnett picked Amber. I felt like she was stringing Mark along the whole time, which was obvious especially through their struggles to get physical. According to some gossip online, apparently, she had tried to pull out before the wedding, but the producers wouldn’t let her. I respect her for trying.

Giannina & Damian

Yikes. These guys are still together today and I’m ~literally~ so shocked. Their connection in the pod appeared pretty real, but when they moved to the real world, it seemed like all they did was fight. Pretty intensely, I might add. A lot of it revolved around their communicational issues, like Giannina being on her phone while they were having serious conversations. I gotta say, though, my favorite quote on the show was “Why can’t you just seduce me?,” which is what G said when expressing her concerns with their physical life. They didn’t end up getting married, but they did get back together, so I wish them the best!

Kelly and Kenny

They were always wholesome to me, and I was rooting for them until before their wedding, when Kelly said she wasn’t “infatuated” with Kenny the way she was with her ex (major red flag). Looking back, they always seemed to have more of an amicable connection, as Kenny didn’t seem too surprised when she said “I don’t” at the alter. However, Kenny is in a relationship now and Kelly is single, and they both seem happy.

So, is love blind? After watching, I feel like it is. If you’re into reality television, give this show a try—there’s nothing better to do right now with COVID-19, and also, it’s just funny because it’s so bad. In comparison to The Bachelor, it's not as good.

Overall, this show gave me some laughs and taught me a bit about relationships. If you want to waste some time and possibly learn something, this is the show for you.



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