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  • Addison Aloian

MADI MUSCLE Combines Fitness and Music in Debut Single, "Roll & Rock"

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MADI MUSCLE let us know exactly who she is with the release of her debut single, “Roll & Rock.” She’s a master at combining music and fitness, from her lyric writing, to her production. Right off the bat, the song begins with an electric bass that tells the listener this tune will not only be a banger, but the next hottest dance club beat, and perhaps the very thing that gets you into cardio at the gym. The perfectly panned vocals elicit an intriguing call-and-response pattern, making us feel like we’re at the club ourselves watching her love story unfold. The soothing synth leading up to the first chorus brings an exciting energy, building to let us know something big is coming. Once we reach the chorus, the electric piano takes control, somehow saying, yes, you CAN finish these sprints. Soon we’re brought into the bridge, which is driven by funk-based drums, the breakdown element you didn’t know you needed to hear.

The music and fitness expert crafted a song nowhere short of fun, telling a story about meeting someone on a night out when she’s least expecting it: “I’m not dressed to the nines,” she sings. MADI MUSCLE does a stellar job of painting the picture so we feel like we’re included in the storyline, rooting for her to be with this man: “You, across the room / Those black slick shoes / Moonwalking with some groove / Caught my eye.”

There’s no doubt that the release of “Roll & Rock” was a successful launchpad for the energetic MADI MUSCLE. What she will accomplish over the course of her career is completely unknown, although it is obvious she will be responsible in achieving the necessary merge between the music and fitness worlds. Overall, one thing is for sure: “Roll & Rock” will be on repeat every time we hit cardio from now on.



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