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  • Addison Aloian

My Go-To SoHo Sweets

Warning: consuming these products may cause extremely addiction behaviors.

Although the nation is still under a decently strict lockdown due to COVID-19, businesses are opening up slowly but surely.

I’m counting down the days until I can get back to New York, especially to one of my favorite places in the city that I can’t get off my mind.

I’m heartbroken that my sophomore year came to a short close for many reasons, but one of the main reasons was because my dorm was located in the heart of SoHo, so I was surrounded by some of the cutest cafés and bakeries, my ultimate favorite being The Little Cupcake Bakeshop.

If you haven’t been in person, you’ve definitely seen this picturesque, adorable shop in a movie.

Started in Brooklyn in 2005, the creators started baking traditional American desserts with local ingredients. Fifteen years later, they have continued baking in small batches on-site every day, so their food is extremely fresh, and there are now two locations in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan.

Their SoHo, Manhattan location automatically feels like home the moment you walk in, from their bright neon sign, to the black and white checkered floors. With a lowkey atmosphere, it’s perfect for a chill date, hanging with friends or even writing a paper while sipping a little latte.

On the corner of Prince Street and Mott Street, my favorite area in the entire city, this humble bakery offers almost every dessert imaginable, from seasonal pumpkin breads, to s’mores chocolate bars, award-winning cupcakes, a million homemade ice cream flavors and multi-layered cakes. But my favorite item on their menu are the mini cheesecakes.

The mini cheesecakes are the perfect item to share, or if you’re greedy about sharing your food like me, to enjoy as dessert for one.

They have a ton of flavors that they’re constantly changing, such as blueberry, raspberry white chocolate, and tiramisu, but my personal favorites are Cookies & Cream, Caramel Pecan, Pumpkin Spice and of course, Nutella. And yes, they have vegan options.

There is truly something for everyone at this amazing place!

Crowd favorite cupcakes are the Peanut Butter & Jelly, Golden Chocolate, Hummingbird and Pistachio Grape Jam. Some of their best layer cakes are Golden Ganache, Dreaming Princess, Cookie Dough and Pumpkin Spice. Their best bars are Brownie, Meyer Lemon and the Coconut Pecan Dream. Did I mention their homemade ice cream?

They also have several delectable cookies, pies, croissants and muffins if you want something lighter and a little more guilt-free.

Of course, they also sell a ton of merchandise, like t-shirts, bags, cups and even snow globes. I personally recommend the coffee mug – it’s huge, so you can drink all your morning coffee in one go.

All in all, this bakery is a special place and I will always support them. Check it out during your weekly stop in SoHo!



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